Overwhelming Majority of Americans Now Go Online


One of the fastest growing technologies in history has reached another milestone as 89 percent of Americans are now connecting to the internet, according to a new Pew Research survey.  

The growth in internet adoption can be attributed to many factors but one is the effort of ISPs to reach low-income families, senior citizens, veterans, and others through broadband adoption programs that provide discounted internet services and digital training for people who face challenges in accessing the internet. 

Previous surveys that looked at why people do not use the internet cited household income, age, cost, education, lack of interest, and community type as barriers to access, which are all obstacles that cable providers are addressing through various programs and initiatives. 

NCTA member companies have invested over $300 million in these programs, reaching 1.25 million families.  Comcast, Cox, Mediacom, Charter, Midco and many other providers offer low-cost broadband services to assist low-income families, as well as digital literacy skills classes to help people learn how to navigate the internet. Research from Comcast Internet Essentials has found that these programs have tremendously helped people in critical areas such as education, job seeking, and government services. 

Americans Online

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