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How Many Connected Devices Does Your Home Have?

How Many Connected Devices Does Your Home Have?


Looking around the house, have you ever noticed how many things are actually connected to the internet? The smart TV, phone, thermostat, laptop, refrigerator or maybe even your vacuum cleaner are all connected. The internet of things is here.

So it’s no surprise that in a recent survey conducted by Morning Consult, 24 percent of respondents say they have between six and ten internet-connected devices in their home. Since that number is only going to get larger, it’s so important for internet speeds to continue to grow at their current fast pace, to support all those new gadgets.



Just as engineers build larger roads to prepare for population booms, ISPs are laying the groundwork for in-home gigabit speeds to prepare for the rapid rise of connected devices. According to the Progressive Policy Institute’s Investment Heroes 2016 report, ISPs invested over $48 billion into networks and equipment in 2015.

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