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Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Today’s Internet is driven by wired and wireless networks, keeping us connected throughout our daily lives. With the advent of new digital devices that constantly link us to the Internet, these networks have become much more than just a simple vehicle for information and communications. They now enable us to track our daily habits, monitor our health, manage home energy use and track nearly any other data we can imagine. These devices make up what we call the Internet of Things – a web of connected objects that are linked via networks that can interact with each other and with us.

The Internet of Things has the potential to revolutionize our everyday lives. Already, cable’s high-speed broadband networks and widely available Wi-Fi hotspots are capable of handling the devices and data that power the Internet of Things. And cable’s secure network and integrated technical support make that Internet of Things a safe and seamless experience.

There are cable Wi-Fi hotspots across the country, and as their numbers continues to increase, the Internet of Things’ network will grow as well. Eventually, everything you own could be connected to Wi-Fi.

But with everything getting connected to Wi-Fi, it is essential that we make more spectrum available for unlicensed use so that Wi-Fi can grow. By increasing the amount of spectrum that Wi-Fi can share, we can continue to expand the Internet of Things and increase the speed and capacity of our connected lifestyle.