Discovery’s Virtual Field Trip to the Inauguration

Discovery Inauguration 2021

Over the past year, countless in-person events have re-imagined themselves as virtual experiences. From the BET Awards to ESPN’s Virtual Draft to one of the largest technology trade shows, there have been countless great examples of how organizers adjust to make the most of an unusual circumstance. And while this year’s Presidential Inauguration might be different from years past, it also provides a new opportunity for Americans to experience and share in the solemn tradition.

That’s why Discovery Inc. and Discovery Education together have launched I Do Solemnly Swear: The U.S. Presidential Inauguration, a virtual field trip that brings elementary and middle school teachers and students behind the scenes to hear from experts and historians about the long tradition of the Inauguration. Interviewing the experts are kids from Operation Homefront, a nonprofit that, since 2002, has worked to support military families. Questions will run the gambit from ‘why do we have an inauguration?’ to the meaning behind the many symbols of the presidency.

The special, available starting January 19, 2021, is produced in a way which empowers teachers to either screen the entire special in one sitting, or to use segments alongside course material. Discovery is also providing supplemental teaching resources for instructors and parents, allowing them to fit the lesson into whatever learning setup they currently have. As classrooms across the country take different approaches to the pandemic, flexibility is king.

“Discovery Education is dedicated to helping educators prepare students for tomorrow by connecting them to today’s world,” said Scott Kinney, CEO of Discovery Education. “Exciting virtual field trips like I Do Solemnly Swear provide teachers, students, and families insight and perspective into the people, places, and events shaping our world, and we are excited to partner with Discovery Familia and Discovery Family to bring this unique event to students everywhere.”

As the world continues to face the COVID-19 pandemic, TV networks like Discovery are doing their part to make the experience a little easier. For more information about what America’s entertainment leaders and more are doing for the pandemic, check out the handy response guide on our website.