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The NCTA Foundation is a 501(c)3 entity affiliated with NCTA - The Internet & Television Association. The Foundation has formed strategic, year-long partnerships with community-based groups serving the Washington, DC community, that are intently working to address societal needs. The objectives of this year’s Foundation partners -- Byte Back, BUILD Metro DC, and A Wider Circle -- intertwine with the cable industry’s approach to corporate social responsibility, with a focus on:

  • forward looking development of technology and all that it makes possible for consumers,
  • economic and community development especially among underserved populations, and
  • the development of America’s youth.

With grant funding and other support, the NCTA Foundation acts as a catalyst for its partner organizations. It strives to help them develop new programs or expand existing ones. And it leverages resources intrinsic to our industry -- such as broadband Internet access, and Internet and television content – to address societal needs.

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Check out how the NCTA Foundation is partnering with non-profits to help the Washington DC community connect to and thrive in the digital world.


The NCTA Foundation is partnering with three groups and providing $325,000 combined in project grants to support these partnerships. With the funding, the non-profits plan to achieve the following results:

  • 1

    Byte Back

    Byte Back provides computer training, access to technology, and career preparation to nearly 1,000 underserved adults in Washington, DC each year. By combining free computer and/or IT certification classes with career services support, Byte Back helps its participants gain digital skills, experience higher rates of self-confidence, and places them into living wage careers in IT and business services. Classes are held at nearly two dozen sites throughout the city, often at DC public libraries.

    The NCTA Foundation is helping Byte Back extend its reach through a partnership grant of $100,000 enabling them to create a video production studio that will also support new virtual classroom opportunities.

    The production studio provides Byte Back with the ability to create videos that will significantly enhance and expand their current curriculum. It will also serve as a place where students can produce videos themselves, and Byte Back would be able to include a video project as an internship opportunity for interested students in each class cohort.

    Finally, a studio gives Byte Back the ability to pilot a program to teach through video conferencing, allowing them to serve multiple sites at one time, significantly expanding their reach. It would also provide greater flexibility for students, creating a virtual participation option for when they are unable to attend a class in person due to reasons such as inclement weather, transportation, or child care issues.

    For more information visit Byte Back’s website or watch this video.

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    BUILD Metro DC

    BUILD Metro DC is a four-year program that teaches entrepreneurship to over 300 at-risk (predominantly minority and low-income) students in nine DC high schools.

    As freshmen, students take a class to learn about entrepreneurship and how to start a business and then create a business plan.  In the following two years, as an after-school program, teams of students create, secure funding for, manage and grow actual businesses.  As seniors, they focus on college and career readiness, workforce preparation and help mentor incoming students. While the program teaches skills through entrepreneurship, the program also aims to keep students in school, graduate high school and pursue higher education.

    Thus far the student businesses created in the BUILD Metro DC program are fairly “low tech,” such as making and selling jewelry or candles. With a partnership grant of $110,000, the NCTA Foundation is helping BUILD metro DC expand with a pilot project to teach students coding, web and graphic design skills, thus allowing them to create technology-based businesses like web and mobile apps, and games, better preparing them to become innovative entrepreneurs in the 21st century digital economy to prepare for a 21st century economy dominated by technology.

    For more information visit BUILD Metro DC’s website or watch this video.

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    A Wider Circle

    A Wider Circle, based in Silver Spring but working throughout the DC metro area, takes a wraparound approach to addressing poverty by providing basic need items, education, and long-term support. Its mission is simple: to end poverty for one individual and one family after another, connecting those it serves with those seeking to help, to ensure that every child and adult has the chance to succeed and the opportunity to live well.

    With a partnership grant of $115,000, the NCTA Foundation is helping A Wider Circle extend its Workforce Development Program by outfitting its soon-to-be-renovated headquarters facility with technology, including a computer lab, and equipping a new 4,000-square-foot classroom and conference center space, with projectors, television screens, and a wide range of technology resources. 

    The grant will enable the organization to expand its programs and prepare more individuals for the workforce, as well as host issue-driven meetings and conferences.  The Workforce Development Program is a holistic, intensive, and highly personalized approach to preparing adults to enter the workforce or advance their careers.

    For more information visit A Wider Circle’s website or watch this video.

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NCTA Foundation’s partnership helps Byte Back extend the reach of its computer training and career preparation by creating a video production studio that will also support new virtual classroom opportunities.

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NCTA Foundation’s partnership supports BUILD’s growth through a pilot project to teach students coding, web and graphic design skills, allowing them to create digital-based businesses like web and mobile apps, and games.

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NCTA Foundation’s partnership enables A Wider Circle to vastly expand their capabilities for educational programming in workforce readiness by outfitting a new computer lab, classroom and conference center with a wide range of technology resources.


The NCTA Foundation is dedicated to community development and, through strategic funding support and partnership activities, provides opportunity for individuals, especially America’s youth, to grow and prosper in today’s digital world. The foundation seeks to support organizations and projects that leverage broadband-related technology and services to meet community needs.