Why NCTA is Now The Internet & Television Association

new logo

Today is an important day for the future of NCTA. I’m thrilled to announce that we have officially changed our brand to NCTA – The Internet & Television Association. This new brand will be the association’s formal name in all aspects of our public image and work.

So why did we change?  Because we want our brand to be a strong statement about the industry we represent and the future that is in front of us.  And that statement is one of energy, passion and unity for member companies which have a front row seat to one of history’s greatest eras – the era of technology and connectivity.

Our member companies are building the world’s most powerful technology platform that can make nearly anything possible. And they are creating amazing content that entertains, informs, and inspires consumers every day.

NCTA’s brand must reflect the vibrancy and diversity of our members. The new logo is a bright, bold and sleek design that projects a message of unity, partnership and energy. The interlocking red circle and blue dot form a purple intersection that represents how NCTA brings our members together on issues impacting the internet and television marketplace.

But while our logo has changed, our mission to drive the industry forward remains the same.  The video below highlights exactly who we are and how we see ourselves contributing to the future of entertainment and technology.

Our new brand allows us to confidently embark on a new phase in our history, with a positive vision of who we are and how we will deliver whatever comes next.

We are NCTA – The Internet & Television Association.

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