Warner Bros. Studio Celebrates 100 Years

Warner Bros. 100 Years

Warner Bros. Discovery is counting down to the 100th birthday of the Warner Bros. studio in April, and the anniversary tributes are already underway with the company's global year-long campaign, "Celebrating Every Story."

"The name Warner Bros. is synonymous with entertainment and we are honored to be celebrating this iconic studio's centennial and the rich heritage that stretches back to the four brothers who founded it in 1923," said Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav (referring to Albert, Sam, Harry, and Jack Warner).

A Legacy of Storytelling

The studio's vast library, one of the most prestigious and valuable in the world, consists of more than 145,000 hours of programming.

  • This includes 2,400 television programs comprised of more than 150,000 individual episodes, and 12,500 feature films.
  • The studio is also home to some of the most beloved franchises in the world, including Looney Tunes, Wizarding World, DC, FRIENDS, Game of Thrones, Hanna-Barbera, and more.

Honoring a Giant

The company has released special programming and content to keep the celebration going all year long, a handful which include:

  • A three-part documentary on the history of Warner Bros. will debut on HBO Max on April 28.
  • Throughout April, Turner Classic Movies will air hundreds of films, interstitials, documentaries, shorts and Looney Tunes cartoons, and interviews with stars and directors focusing on the cinematic achievements of the studio.
  • Fans can engage with the company through a Letterboxd list highlighting the programming, social posts featuring rare photos from the Warner Bros. archives, a Film 101 YouTube video, and more.
  • Programming marathons and special episodes are launching across Warner Bros. Discovery's 40+ domestic networks and international channels.
  • Partnerships with various community organizations are helping recruit and identify filmmakers to be a part of a short-film project, paying homage to some of Warner Bros.' most iconic films.

Embarking on the Next Century

In his salute to the studio, Zaslav remarked:

"Over the past 100 years, Warner Bros. has created some of the most recognizable and beloved films, TV shows and characters ever made, and has been the place for impactful storytelling that both defines and reflects our culture. We are excited about our company's bright and dynamic future and, as we embark on its second century, to continue to tell the kind of great stories that entertain, inform and inspire audiences around the world."