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U.S. Repeats its World-Class Rank in Internet Inclusivity

U.S. Repeats its World-Class Rank in Internet Inclusivity

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For the second year in a row, the United States scored among the top three countries in the latest Inclusive Internet Index report. The report, now in its third consecutive year, covers internet accessibility by looking at factors that contribute to shrinking the digital divide. Coming in only behind Sweden and Singapore—two countries which are much smaller in size—the U.S. ranked third among 100 countries according to the following evaluators for internet accessibility: availability, affordability, relevance and readiness, with affordability ranking second in the world. 

America's broadband leaders have invested more than $290 billion over the past two decades to bring the internet to where it is today, leading to a healthy and competitive marketplace that is constantly evolving. Cable operators continue to upgrade their networks year after year while finding ways to make the power of the internet accessible to people in hard-to-reach places. ISPs like GCI, Mediacom, Midco, Charter, Eagle, and Sjoberg's are finding ways to deploy gigabit speeds to rural areas that prove to be the most challenging when it comes to terrain, weather and population size. Meanwhile, Comcast, Cox, Charter, Mediacom and Midco are breaking records with their internet adoption programs that help low-income families, senior citizens and veterans gain access to an internet connection as well as the skills needed to become digital citizens. 

And with the industry's recent announcement about 10G—cable's next great leap for broadband—Americans still have the best to look forward to as the industry works to bring faster speeds and an even more exciting future.  

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