TV Stats: Delivering High-Quality TV for Decades

Over the years, cable TV has produced some of America’s favorite television moments. Those unforgettable season finales, the vital news coverage of world events, and those rich and diverse storylines have characterized cable TV for decades. Thanks to the investment by programmers and their devotion to what TV can do for the world, it’s a trend that continues to this day.

42 Years

The age of BET, the first cable network devoted exclusively to the Black community

SOURCE: Company Reported Data

The cable industry has long delivered top tier TV programming ranging from news to entertainment, with famous milestones including the launch of the first 24-hour news network to the first TV network devoted entirely to the Black community. The wide breadth of high-quality content on cable TV networks has resulted in a media landscape with viewing options for all people, and one that strives to represent a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds.


Basic cable networks' spending in 2020 on content

SOURCE: S&P Global Insight

Cable programmers have the track record and expertise to produce stellar content, thanks to the long history of investing in the types of programming conventional wisdom didn’t deem “safe” in the past. Today, those networks are lauded for advancing diverse stories and giving voices to often underrepresented talent. It’s also why cable TV networks continue to lead the pack to this day when it comes to producing more original scripted programs year after year.


Of Americans say they’re excited about having more high-quality original programming

SOURCE: Morning Consult

With more TV than ever before, audiences are eager for the type of programming they’ve come to expect from cable networks. As a new season of television is on the horizon, viewers around the country are sure to be delighted by challenging documentaries, heartwarming romance, fun educational content for kids, and compelling dramas.