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TV is Still the Biggest Screen in Your House


TV is Still the Biggest Screen in Your House

Thanks to wired and wireless technology, TV has become an everywhere experience, but it all starts with the living room.

On any given day, I can watch a show live. I can catch up on others on demand or via DVR. And I can binge watch a classic from start to finish. But believe it or not, these traditional and online experiences are not in conflict. In fact, the latest study from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) suggests that digital sources of entertainment are supplementing the traditional TV experience, not replacing it. In addition, according to Nielsen, Americans spend almost 150 hours a month watching traditional TV, substantially more than online and on mobile devices.

These traditional TV numbers shouldn’t come as a surprise. In spite of the magnitude of content available online, viewers still like to tune in to live shows. We like the full theatrical experience of inviting friends, putting it on the big screen and turning the lights down. We don’t want to miss the action and suffer through spoilers on Twitter or blogs. We want to see it ourselves!

Since there is so much content available and so many devices to watch it on, catching everything live as it happens is almost an impossible feat. According to CEA, the Internet is “an additional source from which U.S. consumers can quench their insatiable thirst for video content.” Plus, online viewing serves as a resource, pulling new viewers and new energy into the live experience. It’s a virtuous circle and they all help each other push forward the great content that’s out there.

The beauty of video here in 2014 is that I have a choice of how I watch my favorite shows. And it’s the superior television shows being produced, powered by the audience experience and choice of how to view, that is driving TV forward.


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