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The Olympics of Television


The Olympics of Television

Americans didn't  just watch the Sochi Olympics on TV - they consumed it across all devices. As NBCUniversal research president Alan Wurtzel put it, “I think what you’re seeing are people who are watching it on digital and consuming it there, but they are circling back to television and TV leads us back to digital, and it’s a virtual circle.” As the Olympics came to a close yesterday, we wanted to show off some of the impressive viewer numbers on NBC and across platforms.  Click to Enlarge: olympic-viewing-habits And impressive it was. The 30 million unique visitors to Olympics online video content is a 54% increase in only four years. And, the more than 2.1 million unique viewers of the USA-Canada Men's hockey game represents the largest "TV Everywhere" authenticated streaming audience in U.S. history! Although America places second in total number of medals received, we definitely win the gold in the cross platform, online streaming, full entertainment experience.       

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