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The Near Future is Almost Here

Virtual Reality

The Near Future is Almost Here

Holograms, virtual reality, artificial intelligence; we’ve been talking a lot lately about what life looks like in the near future. And tomorrow, Thursday April 27th, we’re continuing that conversation with a unique half-day event called The Near Future. It’s an invitation-only event specially designed to challenge convention, spark inspiration, and reconsider how we think and talk about the future of technology.

The Near Future will showcase cutting edge technology and feature informative talks from the innovators at the forefront of emerging platforms. That means we’ll have live demonstrations of experiences like Birdly, a fully immersive VR simulator, and we’ll hear from speakers like Ted Schilowitz, a futurist at 20th Century Fox who will talk about how storytelling is reshaping our future. You can learn more about event speakers and live demonstrations on the The Near Future website.

Just to give a taste of the kind of surprising conversations we’ll be having, take a look at this video featuring TED partner Kevin Adler, founder of Miracle Messages, and The Near Future Co-Host and CableLabs CEO  Phil McKinney. In the video they discuss how the future of super-fast internet means so much more than speedy downloads. It can lead to greater human connections and for some, a path out of homelessness.

For more information, head over to the event website, and keep an eye on NCTA’s Twitter feed @NCTAitv as well as the event hashtag #NearFuture.