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The Key To A Great Internet Experience is Reliability

The Key To A Great Internet Experience is Reliability

Great Internet Experience

Internet access is a vital tool. It brings us information in the blink of an eye for everything from school assignments, to staying in contact with friends and family, or even a night in binge watching The Americans. But it’s only as good as its reliability. Reliability is the key to unleashing all that an internet connection has to offer; it’s what makes connectivity a game changer.

In a survey we commissioned from Morning Consult, we asked people to rate satisfaction with their home wired internet reliability. We’re pleased to see 80 percent of respondents say they are either somewhat satisfied or very satisfied with the reliability of their wired home internet connection.

So while that 80 percent number is great, we’re not resting. Our day-to-day lives depend on faster speeds and better reliability. That’s why we’re always improving our networks and focusing on the internet infrastructure of tomorrow.social_tablet_092716