The Internet of Things Continues to Transform the Way We Live


The Internet of Things has been making people's lives more efficient and more comfortable for the past several decades, and it's only expected to get better. As technology becomes more sophisticated and innovators come out with the next best device, this web of interconnected objects--from kitchen appliances to wearables to voice-operated assistants like Amazon's ALEXA and Google Home--is only going to grow exponentially. Cisco predicts that in the next two years, the number of connected devices will exceed 50 billion, more than double the number of devices in 2015. 

Cable's high-speed networks and infrastructure have enabled these devices to work together to improve business productivity and to create better in-home and entertainment experiences. But did you know that the Internet of Things is already proving to be life-saving? Not only are these devices making lives more convenient, they are also proving to have widespread-societal impact. As internet service providers continue to deploy faster and stronger networks, IoT-enabled objects and sensors are being used to help cities save energy and water, reduce traffic pollution, and create smarter agriculture and food supply systems. IoT applications in healthcare are also assisting doctors in treating their patients, and helping people to easily monitor their health patterns. 

The networks that power the Internet of Things are capable of unleashing limitless possibilities. And as the forecast indicates, there will be no shortage of devices out there in the next several years, and no shortage of the many different ways they will revolutionize and enrich people’s lives for the better.