The 10G Future: Healthcare

The 10G Future: Healthcare

10G, the broadband network soon delivering superfast symmetrical internet speeds, has the potential to transform how we live, work, learn and play. Recent years have demonstrated that healthcare is primed to benefit from super-fast broadband, as telehealth becomes more regular and as new technologies come to market.

NCTA partnered with the Future Today Institute (FTI), experts in researching trends and calculating how they will disrupt business, government and society, to imagine what some cutting-edge changes might look like with 10G. The resulting report honed in on four areas: entertainment, healthcare, education, and agriculture.

How will healthcare be transformed?

The healthcare sector is poised to make big gains from next-generation networks, allowing healthcare to take place where a patient happens to be, not just in an examination room.

Smart healthcare is preventative healthcare

More secure networks will allow people to safely collect even more of their own health data.

  • Wearables, smart home sensors, and personal smart devices will capture health and wellness data.
  • Health data will be stored, monitored, and managed in the cloud.
  • Patients will have access to all their data and control who can see it.
  • With increased security measures that come with 10G, patients can feel comfortable collecting sensitive data.

Personalized in-home wellness

New technologies will utilize the 10G network to bring healthcare out of the doctor’s office and into the home as much as possible.

  • Synthetic health coaches will advise on diet and exercise.
  • Scent devices will replicate various smells by mixing olfactory elements to complete the experience.
  • Spatial audio earbuds will create a realistic soundscape.

Next generation medicine

As super-fast networks connect more and more of the country, low-latency and increased network security will enable a healthcare revolution.

  • A connected health management system will give first responders quick access to patients’ information.
  • Expert surgeons will conduct procedures remotely.
  • Rural hospitals will evolve into connected surgical centers.
    • 10G’s super-low latency will enable remote surgery, giving surgeons the precision to operate from far away.
  • Nationwide healthcare will make medical specialists’ expertise available to all.

As the 10G future gets closer to reality, most Americans already have access to gigabit networks and even faster speeds are just around the corner. To learn more about the ways 10G might impact key industries, the FTI’s complete report is available on