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TED Speakers to Demonstrate the Power of Disruption at INTX

TED Speakers to Demonstrate the Power of Disruption at INTX

TED Demonstrates Power of Disruption at INTX

Leading creators and visionaries. Connections and conversations. Places of free thought. If you’ve been to INTX before, then you know the show is more than just a showcase containing digital experiences. It’s about the bringing together of innovative minds, and creating the learning opportunities that unleash the great ideas of tomorrow. That’s why it’s fitting that for this year’s theme of “Harnessing Disruption: Turning Today’s Chaos into Tomorrow’s Growth,” TED will be there to demonstrate the power of this motto. For the first time at INTX, TED speakers will descend on Boston to lead a session that shows  how their fresh and disruptive approaches to problems  are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in technology, business, and social justice. Being that INTX is the place where the best of the best put their heads together, whether they be big names in the Internet and television space or budding innovators, TED is just another amazing session that will inspire discussions and spark the onset of great ideas.

The four speakers tapped for the sessions all represent different facets of what it means to be a disruptor, whether their focus be in technology, entertainment, social justice or all of the above.

Take David Sengeh whose work has been dedicated to helping amputees obtain a proper fit for prosthetic limbs. Born and raised in Sierra Leone, and having seen how brutal the civil war was for thousands of people, Sengeh saw the potential of 3D printing to produce custom limbs that not only fit better but that cost a fraction of what conventional limbs did. Then there’s Jesse Genet, founder of two businesses with different focuses:, which makes it easy for companies to order branded packing and supplies for shipping their products; and Inkodye, a fabric die that develops color in the sun and is found in over 1500 retail stores. She will share the story of how her interactions with consumers reshaped her business in an unexpected way.

We will also hear from Adam Foss, a Boston criminal prosecutor whose mission is to shift the focus from incarceration to transformation. He’ll share insights on his program that reinvents probation as a transformative rather than punitive experience. And lastly, audiences will meet  Negin Farsad, a comedian, author, and director of The Muslims Are Coming. Farsad, who was named one of the Funniest Women of 2015 by the Huffington Post, will share how her performances and comedy are changing the dialogue.

We are really excited to have TED join us this year as INTX has always been  a place where big influencers and ideas gather together to brainstorm about what’s possible. TED is a compelling example of how great thinkers can jump start the conversations that make change, lead us to the next cutting edge innovation, and transform the new media economy for the better.

We hope to see you in Boston this month on May 16-18! To keep up with the latest news on INTX, follow us on Twitter (@intxNCTA) and on Facebook and use the hashtag #INTX2016.