Shaping Tomorrow's Broadband Landscape: NCTA at the 40th SCTE Cable-Tec Expo

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The 40th SCTE Cable-Tec Expo commences next week in Denver, and this year the conference will feature a slew of NCTA leaders who will discuss the latest innovation advances and key challenges facing the industry. Take a look below at the critical issues that NCTA, cable broadband experts and engineers will explore at the largest cable tradeshow in the Americas.

10G and Emerging Technologies

On Wednesday, CableLabs President and CEO Phil McKinney and NCTA President and CEO Michael Powell will kick off the General Session by reflecting on the path to 10G, emerging technologies, and the industry's focus on security amid a rapidly changing technological landscape.

Cybersecurity Discussions

  • NCTA Vice President & Deputy General Counsel Loretta Polk, who leads NCTA's cybersecurity policy and legal work, will interview Brian Scott, Deputy Assistant National Cyber Director for Cyber Policy and Programs, Office of the National Cyber Director, Executive Office of the President.
    • The conversation will hone in on the Administration's cybersecurity goals and expectations for the cable broadband industry.
  • NCTA Chief Technology Officer & Senior Vice President, Technology, Dr. Rikin Thakker will kickstart the Expo's inaugural CISO panel, "Safeguarding Tomorrow Today: Cybersecurity," together with Kim Keever, Senior Vice President, Security & Technology Services & Chief Information Security Officer at Cox Communications, Greg Temm, Chief Information Security Officer at Charter Communications, and David White, Vice President of Security Solutions Engineering at Comcast Corporation.
    • The panel will explore how the industry is prioritizing and addressing key cybersecurity challenges and driving security initiatives. Topics will include cyberthreats, zero trust architectures, cryptography, securing AI, privacy tooling, technology policy, and broadband infrastructure security.
NCTA at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo

Innovation Policy Track Debuts

NCTA leaders will also participate in several panel sessions of the Expo's inaugural Innovation Policy Track to bring pressing issues to light, including:

  • And the Beat Goes On: Broadband Policy Is Still Moving Strong”: NCTA Vice President & Associate General Counsel Pamela Arluk will present with NTIA and USDA/RUS leaders about the federal government's broadband priorities.
  • Stories from the Frontline of Broadband Deployment”: NCTA Vice President & External and State Affairs Lead, Rick Cimerman, together with state broadband officers, will discuss the challenges and opportunities that states have faced and how they are moving forward as the tens of billions of dollars from various federal programs are distributed.
  • If You Build It They Will Come, Right? What Happens After the Build?: NCTA Vice President & Lead Legislative Counsel Alex Minard, along with Comcast and state broadband officers, will speak on how broadband adoption and digital equity are key components of BEAD and IIJA funding. Families and individuals need assistance in overcoming obstacles to broadband adoption, including digital literacy, online safety, and relevance.
  • Is Spectrum a Pushmi-Pullyu?: NCTA Vice President & Associate General Counsel, Spectrum, Becky Tangren will explore with fellow spectrum experts the value and potential challenges of an equitable approach to a balanced spectrum policy that advances exclusive-licensed, shared-licensed, and unlicensed spectrum.

From the critical path to 10G and the evolving landscape of security to in-depth conversations about broadband deployment, digital equity, and the future of spectrum policy, this year's Expo promises to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the cable industry. Stay tuned for more news from the Expo on