Public Wi-Fi Hotspots Hit 500,000

Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

Out of home Wi-Fi hotspots reach 500,000 In addition to the Wi-Fi in our homes and offices, cable ISPs also offer secure Wi-Fi networks to customers outside of the home. These hotspots give you the ability to watch movies at the dog park, or get some work done at an outdoor café. And the best part? They’re offered at no extra charge. You may have never seen them, but they’re located in public places, often on electrical poles or street lamps out of sight. And according to The Cable WiFi Alliance, the number of these hotspots has just reached an impressive 500,000.

That means more customers can experience near-ubiquitous broadband connectivity, and communities benefit knowing there is secure, reliable internet access already built out.

We’ve seen the number of these hotspots double in the past two years, and can’t wait to see how their growth continues to benefit communities across the country.

Check out NCTA’s Future of Wi-Fi page for more stats and insight into how Wi-Fi has changed our lives.