Presidential Primaries, TV Critics, and the Arctic Circle: The Best of Platform 2016


2016 comes to a close and it was an exciting one in the internet and television world. Live streaming broke records like never before, premium TV networks came out with award-winning programming once again, and internet speeds are faster than ever. Before we dive into 2017, we’d like to highlight a few of our favorite stories from this past year that reflect the innovative minds of our industry and the work that brought us to where we are today.

Following C-SPAN on the Presidential Campaign Trail
As we all know, the presidential election dominated for all of 2016. We were honored to accompany C-SPAN on the C-SPAN bus in New Hampshire back in February to tell the story of how C-SPAN covers a presidential primary. A network like C-SPAN, which has been around since 1979, has stayed true to its mission to provide pundit-free political programming and unbiased coverage on the U.S. government.

Watch the video below:

Stories from our Trip to New Hampshire with C-SPAN

Covering the Coverage: Following C-SPAN on the Campaign Trail

Aboard the C-SPAN Bus During the New Hampshire Primary

Covering a Presidential Primary: Interview with C-SPAN Co-President and Co-CEO Susan Swain

Behind the Scenes at the TCA Press Tour
This past summer we packed our bags and flew to beautiful Beverly Hills to join the TV Critics Association Summer Tour, where we viewed sneak peaks of the premieres of upcoming shows. Panels were stacked with big talent and the brightest minds in the media and entertainment world, and we were happy to get behind-the-scenes interviews with a few of the creative directors and producers who help make premium television the best in the industry.

Stories from our Trip to the TCA Press Tour

What Makes TV Tick? We’re going behind the scenes at the TCA Press Tour

What TV Criticism says about TV, Culture, and Changing Audiences

How Do Independent Networks Stand Apart in Today’s TV Environment?

TV One’s New Approach to Reaching African-American Audiences: Q+A With TV One SVP D’Angela Proctor

ESPN’s New Venture, The Undefeated
ESPN gave us an in-depth look at their new multimedia journalism venture dedicated to race, sports and culture. The Undefeated opened its doors to us and let us understand why it’s more important than ever before to cover this side of sports and to open up conversations about the challenges of the African-American experience.

Story from our Visit with The Undefeated

ESPN’s The Undefeated is Taking on Sports, Race, Culture, and Defining Modern Journalism

GCI Transforms Connectivity in Rural Alaska
As virtual reality and live streaming continue their rise, and the number of internet-connected devices in the home increases, so does the level of connectivity that we need, even in the most remote of places. This year marked the launch of several major gigabit projects across the country, some urban, some rural. It was an eye-opening series we did with GCI, Alaska’s largest ISP, that helped us discover the enormous feat that it takes to bring a whole new level of connectivity to the Arctic Circle and to the remote areas of Alaska.

Stories About GCI’s Work in Alaska

GCI’s 1 GIG Red: Bringing Alaska to the Cutting Edge of Connectivity

How GCI is Connecting Arctic Alaska to the Rest of the World

How GCI Internet is Transforming a Rural School District in Alaska