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Nickelodeon Prepares for a 'Slime-Filled' NFL Wild Card Game

Nickelodeon Prepares for a 'Slime-Filled' NFL Wild Card Game

Nickelodeon Wild Card Game

To lift spirits and to engage kids and their families with the sport of football, Nickelodeon and CBS Sports have partnered with the NFL for this Sunday's special broadcast of the Wild Card round matchup. What better way to bring a little joy into homes at the start of 2021 than with a "slime-filled presentation" that introduces children to one of America's favorite pastimes? 

The goal behind the broadcast, which will feature the matchup between the Chicago Bears and the New Orleans Saints, is to introduce and promote the game of football to the next generation. Kid-focused content and Nick-themed elements will be woven throughout the program to provide excitement and basic football education for children and their families.

"Our game plan is to make sure the NFL Wild Card Game on Nickelodeon definitely lives up to its name by infusing the telecast with Nick's sensibility of surprise and fun at almost every turn," said Brian Robbins, president of ViacomCBS Kids & Family Entertainment. "We're incredibly proud to team up with CBS Sports and the NFL to elevate the thrill of this game for kids and families to enjoy together." 

Nickelodeon, now in its 41st year, created football explainers for kids on NFL Nick Play, which include printable family games and competitions and kid-friendly breakdowns of the sport. Kids can also take quizzes, polls, learn fun facts, enter a sweepstakes, and view sports-themed info galleries and short-form videos on NFL Nick Play throughout the weekend and during the game itself.  

Nickelodeon stars will join CBS Sports analysts to serve as reporters during the game. The pre-game part of the program is set to focus on the network's popular SpongeBob SquarePants show by incorporating the series’ best comedic sports moments since it debuted in 1999. Then a sneak peek of Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years, set to premier later this year, will air during halftime. Graphics and filters will be incorporated throughout the game, including virtual slime cannons that will go off whenever a player scores a touchdown.

Gabrielle Green, who stars in Nickelodeon's shows All That and Unfiltered, will be in the booth asking questions that kids might have about the game. ‘‘I’m gonna be there cracking jokes, asking questions that people at home may have and also having a blast," Green told the Chicago Sun Times. "That’s really the main focus of this broadcast, and I feel like people at home are gonna feel that, as well."

"This is a first of its kind presentation for the NFL together with Nickelodeon, and we are very excited to create a unique telecast that will maximize the co-viewing appeal for kids and families, while maintaining the integrity of the game and its traditions," said Sean McManus, CBS Sports chairman.