New Survey Shows Americans Are Eager for 10G

New Survey Shows Americans Are Eager For 10G

Four years ago at CES 2019, the global cable industry announced a bold initiative called 10G, a vision for delivering home internet speeds of 10 gigabits per second (Gbps) in the coming years. Since then, the cable broadband industry has made significant advances to achieving that goal and multi-gigabit symmetrical speeds are on the roadmap for later this year.

Broadband’s Positive Reputation

In late 2022, NCTA conducted a poll with Morning Consult to understand how tech-savvy Americans feel about the promise of what these superfast high-speed networks can deliver (tech-savvy are those who are the first or among the first to adopt new technologies and who follow technology issues closely in the news).

  • 91% of respondents describe broadband internet as reliable.
  • 88% say they are satisfied with their broadband internet service.

Consumers Look Forward to 10G

When queried about the 10G initiative, which in addition to delivering speeds up to 10 Gbps will offer improved security, lower latency, and enhanced capacity, the results were impressive.

  • Among tech-savvy adults aware of 10G, 94% feel positively about the initiative with 58% citing the increased speeds that 10G will deliver.

When asked about the emerging technologies and industries that could be impacted by 10G, respondents most looked forward to the impact on entertainment and healthcare.

  • 44% of respondents said entertainment is the industry that will be most affected by 10G, followed by healthcare at 23% and education at 20%.
  • 80% said they had a favorable opinion about immersive entertainment, a technology that will require a next-generation network.
  • 80% said that immersive entertainment will require the U.S. to invest in a better network, while 79% said the same for robotic surgeries.

Looking Ahead

America’s broadband networks have always been built to be ahead of the curve, offering capacity and speeds above what current-day demand might be. Because of that, American broadband networks have been the platform powering the growth of new technologies for decades.

  • Four in five (79%) tech-savvy adults say it is likely they will subscribe to a faster internet speed in the next 12 months.

As the 10G future gets closer to reality, these survey results confirm that Americans are eager and excited to reap all the benefits of the 10G platform. To learn more about 10G, be sure to visit the website.