New NCTA Member Enghouse Drives Digital Transformation for Industry

Enghouse Networks

The past year has demonstrated the power and importance the internet plays in all of our lives. Advanced technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and holograms all rely on the robust broadband networks that internet service providers build and continue to upgrade as the 10G future looms near. In turn, ISPs rely on their partnerships with technology providers to continue to innovate and evolve their networks. Enghouse, a global technology provider and new member of NCTA, plays a big role on the software end of how we connect and use the internet. NCTA recently talked with Enghouse Marketing Manager Balvinder Sandhu to learn more about the company’s role in the world of broadband.

Talk a little about Enghouse and what you do.

Enghouse has been around since 1984 and is a publicly listed (TSX:ENGH), profitable company supporting customers in over 120 countries. The company has 2,000 employees and had 2020 annual revenues of just over $500 million. Enghouse specializes in software solutions driving digital transformation and has three main divisions:

  • Enghouse Networks is focused on solutions for communications companies (cable, telco, municipalities, utilities, ISPs, Mobile, MVNO, etc.)
  • Enghouse Interactive is focused on cloud contact centre and video solutions for SMB and large enterprises. 
  • Enghouse Transportation is focused on solutions for public safety and the transportation industry.

What role does Enghouse play in the cable industry?

Enghouse has a strong pedigree in the cable industry with its CAD solutions that were deployed in a number of cable operators around the world. Today Enghouse has a number of software applications in its portfolio that include:

  • TV as a service, video streaming and IPTV
  • GIS fiber mapping and infrastructure management
  • Least cost routing
  • Billing as a service
  • Order management, workflow and provisioning

Enghouse provides software solutions enabling cable operators to build, manage and monetize networks.

Can you discuss the company’s relationship with ISPs?

Enghouse is seeing a rapid evolution in the marketplace, where ISPs are evolving to deliver valued added services alongside broadband internet services to both business and residential customers. These value-added services include cloud services such as video collaboration, IPTV, and contact centre in the cloud. We are pleased to call many ISPs customers and are instrumental in helping them find new revenue generating opportunities.

How does Enghouse see its role in the future, with more people working and learning remotely now and into the future?

When the pandemic first struck in early 2020, Enghouse effectively leveraged our technology to run our business remotely with little disruption. Our service provider customers came to rely on our technology and expertise in enabling their enterprise business customers and subscribers to operate remotely. This effort continues and is gaining momentum. Our portfolio of products and solutions are enabling operators with network automation, digital transformation, and their transition to the cloud.

How do next-generation broadband networks like 10G fit into Enghouse’s future?

Enghouse is making a significant investment in R&D to work closely with our customers to evolve our portfolio of products to complement next generation technologies such as 10G.

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