New Data Reveals Internet and TV's True Economic Impact


Measuring the economic impact of an industry means calculating all of its angles. It means considering factors like, how much money does that industry invest? How many jobs does it create? How does the industry’s investments affect local economies?

In an attempt to put a finger on the remarkable impact internet and television companies make, NCTA, along with Morning Consult has put together a new tool that allows anyone to search state-by-state or even district-by-district to see the economic value that network providers instill in communities across the country. The biggest story from this new data? Jobs.

According to data in a new report on the impact of internet and television investment, the internet and TV industry provides a remarkable 2.9 million jobs. With 205 million working-age adults in America, that means 1.5 percent of all working adults are employed either directly or indirectly by network builders and content makers. Plus, unlike a lot of jobs – especially jobs in other parts of the tech industry – these jobs cover a wide range of salaries and trade expertises. Everyone from construction workers to data experts are needed to deploy and maintain America’s networks. And because America’s internet providers are all based in America and only serve Americans, these jobs stay in America.

Take a look at the new tool and check out your state and your congressional district to see just how much money is invested and how many jobs are provided by internet and TV investment. Wyoming, America’s least-populated state, for example, has 3,000 internet and television industry jobs and a $480 million economic impact. California, America’s most populated state, has 227,000 jobs and a $34 billion impact!

However you slice it, all Americans have benefited immensely through network investment. Thanks to new data, we have a clear understanding of how important internet and television investment is to our economy.