NCTA's Michael Powell on Diversity and Inclusion: 'Stories Really Do Matter'

NCTA President and CEO Michael Powell at the Kaitz Dinner

The Walter Kaitz Foundation's annual fundraising event resumed in person on Wednesday in New York City as industry leaders came together and raised over $1.1 million in funds for diversity initiatives and programs. The Kaitz Dinner, which always takes place during Diversity Week, has held an important role in the industry for nearly four decades. It is a time when key players across the internet and television landscape come together to raise these critical funds, and to celebrate and further inspire efforts that advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

During the dinner, NCTA President & CEO Michael Powell spoke to the never-ending work of ensuring that every person is able to see themselves valued in society, and to the industry's responsibility of carrying out its part in this quest. "Stories really do matter," said Powell, after showing a clip of young African-American girls watching the trailer of Disney's upcoming live action film of "The Little Mermaid," and their delighted reactions when they realized the heroine of the film looked like them. 

"For too long, we have left Black and Brown people out of our stories, out of our history, or worse, portrayed them as lesser human beings. It is a tragedy we are all working to address as we work towards diversity and inclusion," continued Powell. "We must continue the hard work of drafting inclusive stories where all of us can be seen."

Watch Powell's speech at the Kaitz Dinner here: