Most Americans Satisfied with Home Internet & TV Service


Connectivity has become ubiquitous with our daily lives, making the consumer experience even more important than ever. Given how often we connect, problems that might have been small ten years ago can impact how we work or entertain ourselves. So we’re happy to report that, according to a new poll out from Morning Consult, a vast majority of Americans are satisfied with their at-home internet service and the value of their TV packages. More specifically, 74 percent of those surveyed said they are satisfied with the quality of their home internet connection, and 73 percent are satisfied with their broadband reliability.

That’s not surprising, since network providers have invested over $260 billion in infrastructure in the past twenty years. Additionally, 73 percent said they were satisfied with download speeds and 69 percent are satisfied with their ability to stream videos and shows. All this as more providers prepare to start offering speeds up to 2 GBPS.

Moreover, 72 percent said they were excited by original programming, which isn’t surprising considering there were a record number of original scripted tv programs in 2016. And as viewing habits are changing, it makes sense that 67 percent said they value on demand services. We’ve written before about how audiences are fitting entertainment into their lives, rather than fitting their lives around entertainment. Finally, 65 percent say they value choices among pay TV services.

The numbers come in conjunction with the biennial report on the economic impact network providers have around the country. The report gives a breakdown state-by-state and district-by-district of the total economic impact and the number of direct and indirect jobs.

To see how your state or congressional district has been impacted, check out the Morning Consult website. You can also see more statistics about consumer attitudes towards programming and viewing also on a state or district level. And for an even deeper dive into the data, be sure to check out the actual questions and response data in the “toplines” tab at the top of the website.