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It’s Easier to Find Wi-Fi than Coffee

It’s Easier to Find Wi-Fi than Coffee

Wi-Fi is everywhere. People demanded faster, more accessible Wi-Fi and today, thanks to innovators, more Internet traffic goes over Wi-Fi than wireless and wired connections combined. Nationwide, cable operators have deployed more than 200,000 Wi-Fi hotspots, growing from 50,000 in 2012. The majority of these hotspots come from members of the CableWiFi roaming alliance, made up of Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, Cablevision and Bright House Networks. By providing easily available hotspots, cable broadband providers are making Wi-Fi the “everywhere experience” it was always meant to be. Here in the DC area we have thousands of cable hotspots (not to mention thousands of Segway tours, government contractors, food trucks, and broken escalators). Thanks to cable, we don’t have to go far to get an Internet connection. So, whether you’re in a cafe, out shopping, or outside in a park, you can connect to one of the thousands of free Wi-Fi hotspots. Chances are you’ll find one faster than you can find coffee. After all, there are more than ten times the number of cable hotspots than there are Starbucks locations.


To learn where Cable Wi-Fi hotspots are now, go to, pick your provider, and see where you can go and get free Internet.