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INTX Intersections Offer an Immersive Digital Experience

INTX Intersections Offer an Immersive Digital Experience

INTX showfloor

Something unique is happening on in the INTX Marketplace floor. Rather than having rows of exhibitors like a traditional trade show, the INTX floor is separated into boulevards, each capped with an intersection featuring the hottest topics in media, entertainment, and the Internet.

The first one you’ll see upon entering the show floor is NAVIGATION. Here, companies like Comcast, Espial, and TiVo are featuring their latest user interface tools. Not only that, but NAVIGATION serves as an interactive guide for the entire INTX experience.


Head down the boulevard and come across GAMING where you can learn about the platforms and people behind the newest generation of interactive entertainment. See the latest offerings from Augur, Samsung VR, and Stream TV Networks.


Continue through the INTX Marketplace and you’ll come across TV EVERYWHERE. In partnership with CTAM, the TV EVERYWHERE intersection explores the consumer choice, ease of sign-on, and new measurement and monetization models for the future of watching TV wherever you want, whenever you want, on what ever device you want.


Next up is STREAMING MEDIA, the hottest topic in digital entertainment. Next-gen digital networks, platform providers, device makers, and the channels themselves are presenting an in-depth look into this incredible entertainment phenomenon. See the latest from ActiveVideo, SlingTV, Vimeo, and others.


Finally, you’ll find the INTERNET OF THINGS intersection. An oft-referred to new trend, the INTERNET OF THINGS intersection features the latest for your connected home, your connected office, and for your connected life. It also hosts a showcase of some of 2015’s most interesting IoT products.


These intersections serve as show focal points, offering an immersive way to experience promising technology and new, pivotal ideas. If you’re at INTX for the digital experience, these intersections are for you!