International Women's Day: WICT Amplifies Gender Diversity Through New Campaign

gender diversity

Earlier this week, just in time for Women's History Month and International Women's Day, WICT—the cable industry's association for women leaders—launched the #LeadWithMore campaign to recognize women's achievements and to encourage gender diversity in business. In honor of WICT's 40th anniversary, the campaign is being supported by broadband and entertainment leaders Comcast NBCUniversal, Cox, Discovery, Inc., Spectrum and Turner, and includes the association's first-ever Public Service Announcement. WICT's PSA partners are contributing more than $6 million in PSA announcement airplay and support on social media platforms to spread the message about gender diversity and parity in the workplace. 

"Our new PSA and digital media campaign highlight the business case for stronger gender diversity—a message WICT has been championing for four decades. As women seek meaningful careers in companies with strong track records of diversity and inclusion, we greatly encourage them to look for opportunities within our industry," said Maria Brennan, WICT President & CEO. 

WICT is well known not only for its prestigious professional development programs for women executives and mentorship programs for rising leaders, but also for its work on producing the PAR Initiative Survey every two years, which evaluates the status of women and people of color according to pay equity, advancement opportunities, and resources for work/life integration. And the good news is that according to the last survey, the cable industry is actually ahead of the national benchmark when it comes to employing women who are executives and senior-level managers. "This industry is so dedicated to putting forward the resources to achieving diversity and inclusion," Brennan told NCTA last year. 

Brennan has spoken to NCTA in previous interviews about how important it is to look to what the research says about business success and the inclusion and utilization of women's voices, ideas, and leadership skills. "Everything in the research says gender diversity is a competitive differentiator, and it will make you a more profitable entity," said Brennan. 

While there's still a lot of work to be done, the strides that have been made are encouraging, and the #LeadWithMore campaign aims to further amplify the important message of cultivating a workplace where women are given the opportunities and support needed to lead.