How Many Americans Go Online Everyday?

online everyday

According to new data from the Pew Research Center, 77 percent of Americans connect to the internet on a daily basis--up from 73 percent in 2015. In fact, every category within this group of daily internet users saw increases. While 43 percent of people go online several times a day, 26 percent reported going online almost constantly.  

This should come as no surprise given the steady rise of technology improvements and broadband enhancements in the last several years, and the widespread use of internet-connected devices that allow for easy access to the internet, whether people are on the go or at home. 

The efforts by ISPs to reach low-income families and senior citizens through broadband adoption programs have also helped to get more people online and comfortable with using the internet daily--whether to look for a job, for homework, or to connect with family and friends.

Exciting new services continue to be launched--from virtual reality and augmented reality to breakthroughs in distance learning and telehealth--which means consumers will be relying even more on the fast and reliable internet services that America's ISPs are delivering.

going online everyday