How Cox is Enabling a 'SmartBiz Virginia'

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Smart city initiatives aren't new but as technology advances so does the ability of these projects to improve economic development, communication, efficiency, sustainability and quality of life. One key technology advancement is the gigabit broadband networks now widely available throughout America, with superfast 10G networks just around the corner.

Virginia's Approach

One of the country's leading smart city initiatives takes place in Virginia, where Cox Communications is a trusted partner to many businesses, schools, civil leaders, and innovators. 

"Virginia was the birthplace of Cox's business services, and ever since we have been focused on laying the groundwork for Northern Virginia's future. Day in and day out, our team is behind the scenes ensuring that our customers' connectivity needs are met so they can focus on creating the solutions and communities of the future," said Mark Greatrex, president of Cox Communications. 

At the experiential "SmartBiz Virginia" business technology showcase hosted by Cox and Refraction Innovation Hub late last year, leaders from Northern Virginia spoke about the positive impact that technology and connectivity will have.

"Smart technology has changed our entire approach over the last two years to healthcare," said Inova Health System Executive Vice President & Chief of Clinical Enterprise Stephen Motew, pointing to the launch of virtual counseling for health staffers and to the increasing use of AR and VR in the healthcare environment as examples. For a glimpse into the future, see how 10G networks will transform healthcare.

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Fairfax County Public Schools Superintendent Michelle Reid also shared that in her school district, the ability to connect with classrooms and experts around the world, along with applications in language translation for non-English speaking families and applications targeted towards neurodivergent students, are opening so many doors. 

"Technology can flip the script around what disability is ... What we realize is that these differing abilities can in fact be strengths. And technology can help amplify those strengths," added Reid. 10G networks will unleash even more of these immersive educational opportunities.

Students from Fairfax County Public Schools, health experts, and community business leaders in Northern Virginia also participated in the event through interactive knowledge stations, demonstrating how they are using smart city and business technology tools to innovate within their communities and to present real solutions to societal issues.



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From an internet-enabled walker for seniors to an advanced pediatric patient simulator to connected education devices, there is no shortage of the innovative products and services that high-speed broadband networks will enable. And with 10G networks on the horizon, the future is limitless.