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Hitting the Accelerator: FCC Report Shows American Broadband Speeds Continue To Rise

Hitting the Accelerator: FCC Report Shows American Broadband Speeds Continue To Rise


At this very moment, millions of consumers across the U.S. are using the Internet to keep up with the news, connect with others, stream live video, shop online and live life as we know it in our global connected society. But the Internet wouldn’t be so prevalent in our lives if our connections stuttered, delayed or didn’t deliver the performance that consumers paid for.  That’s why the FCC five years ago began collecting data about network performance by monitoring the experience of thousands of Internet users throughout America.

Last week, the FCC released the results of its fifth annual Measuring Broadband America report, which firmly demonstrates how broadband speed and performance is keeping pace with our everyday online necessities and lifestyles. The bottom line – the average maximum advertised speed across all ISPs increased 94 percent in one year alone, to 72 Mbps in 2014 (which is significantly slower than actual 1 – 2 Gbps tiers offered in several markets today).  In regards to performance, actual speeds experienced by most subscribers are close to or exceeded the advertised speeds.

Maximum advertised download speed among the most popular service tiers





In highlighting its findings, the FCC specifically highlighted how the cable technology called DOCSIS 3 has powered network speed increases.  The Commission also reported that consumers who have access to faster speeds are migrating to higher tiers, a natural progression that has been documented for years.

FCC Chairman Wheeler stated:

“Today’s report confirms that advances in network technology are yielding significant improvements in broadband speeds and quality,” said FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler.  “Faster, better broadband will unleash new innovations and new services to improve the lives of the American people. This comprehensive assessment of broadband performance helps to keep consumers informed and hold ISPs accountable.”

The FCC report confirms how Americans are well served by ISPs who are investing billions of dollars annually to increase network speed, capacity and reliability. The amazing success of companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix and so many other web giants makes it all the more obvious.