Diversity Week: Championing Inclusion Throughout the Industry and Beyond

diverse industry professionals

The cable industry's highly regarded Diversity Week kicked off earlier this week in New York City, bringing together industry leaders and changemakers to champion and advance diversity and inclusion throughout the media and entertainment landscape. This year, Diversity Week embraces the theme "We All Belong," reaffirming the industry's ongoing commitment to cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace and promoting representation both on and off the screen.

Steadfast Industry Diversity Advocates

The WICT Network, dedicated to empowering and nurturing women leaders, and NAMIC, an advocate for multi-ethnic diversity throughout the industry, play pivotal roles in propelling diversity efforts forward within the internet and television sector, and their efforts shine brightly during Diversity Week every year:

  • Diversity Week commenced with The WICT Network's annual Leadership Conference, operating under the overarching theme of "Co-Create the Future." Attendees eagerly reunited with colleagues and peers to explore the future of the industry.
  • The conference opened with a keynote address by Maria Taylor, the host of "Football Night in America." She was joined by Val Boreland, EVP of Content Acquisitions at NBCUniversal Entertainment, and received a special introduction by Dalila Wilson-Scott, The WICT Network's Woman of the Year – Operator, and EVP & Chief Diversity Officer of Comcast Corporation, as well as President of the Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation.
  • Following the WICT conference, the NAMIC annual conference took center stage.
  • "This year's annual conference theme, 'Our Legacy, A Mosaic of Possibilities,' promotes a shared industry responsibility and legacy for DEAI—one that brings a mosaic of possibilities. The conference will explore some of those possibilities, enabling attendees to learn best practices, build valuable networks and gain actionable solutions to advance DEAI in their companies," said A. Shuanise Washington, President and CEO of NAMIC Inc.

Celebrating Diversity at the Kaitz Dinner

Diversity Week's pinnacle moment will take place Wednesday night with the 40th annual Kaitz Dinner, hosted by The Walter Kaitz Foundation, under the theme "Staying Focused."

  • The Kaitz Dinner serves as a cornerstone event where the industry raises funds to support critical programs centered on leadership development, mentorship, and inclusive programming for women and diverse professionals.
  • Jackie Szmaja of The Walter Kaitz Foundation remarked, "The Walter Kaitz Foundation is excited to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Kaitz Dinner, acknowledging the progress that has been made by the industry, the generosity and determination of our partners and supporters, and the shared vision for the future."
  • Szmaja continued, "With the DEIB landscape shifting at record pace, it's critical for the industry to stay focused and move the needle through decisive action."
  • For over four decades, The Walter Kaitz Foundation has been an unwavering advocate for diversity, inclusion, and a sense of belonging within the media and entertainment industry. It has provided essential support through a wide array of grants and programs to amplify the impact of diversity.

Stay tuned for further updates about the Kaitz Dinner in the coming days and to learn more about the cable industry's commitment to promote a more inclusive world.