Diversity Is an Industry Priority Every Month of the Year

Diversity Month

Fostering and embracing diversity within and outside of the workforce has long been a priority for the cable industry, and there's no better time to reflect on the importance of these efforts than during Diversity Month, which runs throughout April.

Industry-Wide Initiatives Are Building a More Inclusive World

The cable industry is a leader when it comes to its efforts towards increasing the representation of women and people of color on screen and across its workforce. Highlighted below are initiatives and industry-based organizations that are making an impact across the media and entertainment landscape:

  • The Walter Kaitz Foundation serves as the industry's catalyst for advancing workforce diversity and inclusive storytelling. The foundation's robust grants program funds initiatives and organizations dedicated to diversity and inclusion and produces events that advocate for better DEI practices.
  • Diversity Week is a curated gathering of the industry held each fall that aims to create career-enhancing access and opportunities for women and diverse professionals.
  • The Kaitz Dinner is the industry’s annual fundraising event hosted by The Walter Kaitz Foundation in recognition of diversity and inclusion, and which serves as the capstone of Diversity Week.
  • The Hollywood Creative Forum is a professional development experience for diverse creatives and content creators produced by The Walter Kaitz Foundation, aimed at advancing authentic and inclusive storytelling.
  • WICT, dedicated to empowering and fostering women leaders, and NAMIC, which educates and advocates for multi-ethnic diversity throughout the industry, are critical associations in the internet and television world that are helping to move the needle on diversity.
  • Biennial AIM/PAR Workplace Diversity Survey is a measurement tool produced by NAMIC and WICT used to assess the progress in diversity demographics across the industry.

Cable Providers and Networks Make Diversity a Priority

Cable broadband providers and TV networks also form their own initiatives, plan events within their companies, and forge strong partnerships with national as well as local organizations to promote the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in greater society. A few examples include:

  • Workforce groups within their businesses that provide mentoring and professional development opportunities for women and people of color;
  • Anti-racist campaigns and events that spread awareness about systemic racism and injustice;
  • Scholarships or programs for film enthusiasts that give women and people of color opportunities to direct or star in leading roles on screen;
  • TV programming that lifts the voices of groups of people who have endured systemic racism or discrimination.

Forging Ahead

While work still remains to ensure a more equal and just world for all, the cable industry will continue to do its part to foster a diverse and inclusive culture. Whether through delivering diverse TV programming, supporting organizations that boost the contributions of women and people of color, or creating a workplace that gives diverse professionals the opportunities to advance and lead, cable providers and TV networks are committed to using their large reach and influence to help eradicate the racial, gender, and social divides in America.