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From Dialup to Gigabit: America's Internet Story

From Dialup to Gigabit: America's Internet Story


Cable has a long history of bringing Americans the connectivity they need and of keeping pace with consumer demand as technology evolves. Over the past 20 years, internet service providers have invested over $275 billion in infrastructure, introduced ultra-fast gigabit networks, and reached millions of people in communities of all sizes throughout the country. 

Technology innovations like DOCSIS 3.1 have enabled consumers to download and stream faster and more conveniently than they ever had before. And as more devices entered the market and the Internet of Things expanded, ISPs continued to upgrade and enhance networks to fit our lifestyles. 

All of these changes have led to new opportunities and growth for broadband in America. Over 90 percent of people across the country have access to fast internet in their homes, and the numbers keep on climbing. 

Take a look at how broadband's reach and capabilities have transformed over the past 28 years.