Data Shows Americans See the Internet As Key to the Economy


According to a recent Morning Consult survey, the majority of Americans agree that high-speed internet is integral to the economy not just because of the many jobs that it provides for people of all backgrounds and education levels, but also for the opportunities that connectivity offers for healthcare, education, and small businesses. This is an issue that impacts people personally, from the jobs they work in to the communities they live in to the larger state and national economic implications that connectivity brings. The internet has become routine to people's daily lives, but responses like these from the American people put into perspective just how much our national and local economies rely on high-speed internet to succeed and continue to grow.

The internet is one of the most important drivers of the U.S. economy. With a total economic impact of $421 billion and an industry that supports an astounding 2.9 million jobs, it's hard to disagree that ISPs offer many opportunities for communities large and small. The investments on behalf of ISPs and the industry are paying off, and consumers are noticing. 

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