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Comcast CEO Brian Roberts Previews Slick New X1 Features [VIDEO]

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts Previews Slick New X1 Features [VIDEO]

New X1 Features

Comcast’s Chairman and CEO Brian Roberts unveiled a slew of new experiences and services for its XFINITY X1 Platform at the INTX General Session this morning.

Roberts demonstrated the brand new voice controlled remote, showing the audience how you can find programming simply by speaking to your TV. You can search for fun facts or other things you would typically look up on another device while watching a show and get results instantaneously right on the screen as you watch. There’s also new features that easily segment out content suitable for children and another that sets a playlist based on a show you’re watching – all through voice-activated commands.

The XI interactive TV experience also now links to the XFINITY Home products. For example, one function allows users to be notified if someone is at their front door and can let them in, as the screen splits between the TV content and the home services. To help increase linkability between XFINITY Home products and Internet of Things manufacturers, Roberts also announced Comcast partnerships with various companies, including Lutron, Nest and August Lock. These partners’ devices will be directly linked into users’ Comcast X1 services.

Comcast also unveiled the Gigabit Home Gateway – a slick new device that will enable multi-gigabit speeds and support IP video technology. The package comes with a “mini me,” smaller device for extra Wi-Fi coverage throughout the house. This is a first of its kind for Comcast – integrating phone, Wi-Fi, and integrated home automation and security all in one device. Roberts said these will be available across the entire Comcast footprint by the end of 2016.

And wrapping it all up, Roberts gave attendees a sneak peak into Comcast’s brand new stores, called Studio XFINITY. Comcast is upgrading stores across the country, creating spaces for customers to come and play with Comcast’s new products in a fun and interactive environment.

Watch the full video of his presentation and demo below: