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Cable Delivers the Jobs that American Communities Rely On

Cable Delivers the Jobs that American Communities Rely On

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When we think of a community, we think of working together, of shared goals, and of helping each other. Few things have the ability to strengthen a community and support these values like strong local economies. The power of Main Street, as we’ve seen, is what makes communities strong and vibrant.

An economic impact study shows that every single Congressional district in America is home to at least 300 jobs supported by the cable industry. Pennsylvania’s 10th district, for example, is home to 3,000 direct and indirect jobs. Minnesota’s 1st has 9,000. These represent a diverse set of jobs, ranging from customer service representatives to technical specialists, from screen writers to engineers. These are the jobs that are building and strengthening local economies and delivering services that Americans both love and need.

A Morning Consult survey revealed that 72 percent of Americans feel high-speed internet is an important part of their local economy. That’s not just a consideration of the jobs it provides, but the opportunities to healthcare, education, and connectivity it offers as well.

To put a number on it, the total economic impact of cable is $421 billion, making it one of the most important keystones in the American economy. And in 2016, cable and telecom providers invested more than $48 billion in infrastructures, more than any other industry.

The cable industry will continue to invest in communities across the country, delivering services and products that people want and need. We’re proud to contribute to economies large and small by providing good jobs and boundless opportunities.