Broadband Stats: America’s Fast Internet Speeds

Over the last year, Americans have moved more of their lives online. Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, many offices are now embracing hybrid work models, and at the same time new advancements in entertainment and gaming like augmented reality and virtuality reality are starting to take off. Despite the surges in internet traffic that these new habits and technologies are causing, America’s broadband networks are ready for whatever the future holds.

Speed up

As of May 2021, the average U.S. download speed is up to 195 Mbps, compared to 138 Mbps in May 2020.

Source: Ookla

Compare that to the global average of 99 Mbps, and it is clear the United States is in a strong position to handle whatever the future has in store. Amid the pandemic, America’s broadband networks withstood the sudden shift, even as networks in Europe had to ask streaming services to lower the quality of their video in order to handle the surge. That’s because America’s cable internet service providers are continually investing in and upgrading their networks.


Top available internet speeds have increased by 1,880% in the last ten years.

Source: NCTA analysis of cable speeds offered

That’s a result of the over $172 billion invested by cable ISPs in their networks since 2011. America’s broadband leaders are committed to delivering next-generation service. New industry initiatives including 10G will be the backbone of an even more connected and productive American future, and will enable a variety of revolutionary applications across a range of industries and at home.


And the path to 10G begins with the 1 Gig speeds now available to more than 80% of American homes.

Source: FCC Data

With more and more parts of our lives requiring an internet connection, America’s broadband leaders are committed to staying ahead of today’s digital demands and are working to deliver next-generation networks before they are actually needed. By investing in infrastructure and innovative new technologies, the next generation of internet service is just around the corner.