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America's Future Looks Like 10G

America's Future Looks Like 10G


"The destiny of our economy and the destiny of our future is heavily rooted in how successful we are as a technological empire, as an information economy, and one that can harvest the forces of technology and physics to its greatest benefit," said NCTA President & CEO Michael Powell earlier this year. Powell moderated a panel at CES in January that discussed the industry's 10G announcement, and the conversation around 10G continues this year to fuel the industry's direction towards faster internet speeds and robust broadband networks that will enable even more innovative products and services. The 10G announcement is the cable industry coming together to meet the consumer demands and needs of the future.

As we wrote about yesterday, the success of our national, state, and local economies depends on fast internet, with the majority of people agreeing that high-speed internet service is key to a thriving economy. And as Powell said, our economy will only succeed if the U.S. takes charge of our technological future--and that future is faster internet speeds and building critical infrastructure.

"It's not just Google, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix creating cool stuff. Those things in turn stimulate and spur the construction of critical infrastructure, which is us. And when that critical infrastructure gets better, then there's more innovation," added Powell.

There are stories all over the country about how gigabit services are transforming the way of life in communities large and small for the better. Mediacom's connectivity services have enabled the Missouri Innovation Center to springboard startups that make a difference in people's lives, such as through the delivery of virtual health initiatives and digital agriculture. Then in rural Alaska, which is challenged with some of the most difficult terrain and weather in the world, small businesses and entrepreneurs are reaping the benefits from GCI's gigabit service where it was at one time almost nearly impossible to succeed in a business venture.

Ultra-fast internet speeds are proving to be life-changing for consumers and communities, which is why the cable industry is aggressively pushing America forward into a whole new era of speed. Stay tuned for what this will look like and enable for consumers in the future.