A Shared History of Web Browsers and Broadband Speed [GALLERY]

It was November 1989, just 24 years ago, when the first public dial-up Internet Service Provider (ISP), The World, was introduced. The available speed was 0.1Kbps. It could take between 10 minutes to several hours to download a 3.5 MB song and it would have taken days to download a 700 MB movie file. Equally antiquated were the browsers. There was no HTML, no apps, and no CSS. In fact, there was no way of even showing images in line with corresponding text. For some of us, this time is barely a memory. The evolution of web browsers and the drastic improvement in broadband speeds over the last quarter-century tell fascinating stories – stories that run parallel. Innovations in web browsing are the result of advancements in broadband connections.  And their shared story is also the story of building and sharing the largest, most important communications network in human history.