Bringing Connectivity to Rural America


Connectivity is essential to economic development, innovation, and education across all of America, but it is especially fundamental to America’s rural populations. That’s why America’s Cable ISP’s have invested over $275B in capital over the last twenty years to build out infrastructure and robust broadband networks, and are continuing their commitment to bring 21st century connectivity to rural communities. Read on to see the positive impact broadband is having on communities all over the country.

America’s Internet Service Providers remain committed to bringing 21st century connectivity to rural communities.


Building a broadband nation has been one of America’s largest infrastructure projects of the last 20 years, extending from coast to coast and across the heartland. Cable’s robust networks can be found in all 50 states including some of our most far flung communities. Today 85% of US homes have access to internet speeds of 300Mbps or faster and gigabit services are becoming the norm in many areas.

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93 %

of US homes have access to
cable broadband service

High-speed internet connects small businesses and farmers to the global marketplace and enables rural communities to thrive economically.

Accessing the Global Marketplace

The internet has become a necessity for businesses of all sizes and location, especially America’s farmers and small-town entrepreneurs. Farmers rely on the internet to market and sell their crops, keeping them competitive in today’s agricultural economy. For small businesses and artisans in rural areas, high-speed internet means they can reach more customers by selling directly to people all over the world.

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Internet speeds now available in rural regions

Access to online learning creates new opportunities and closes the digital divide for kids and adults in small communities.

Greater Educational Opportunity

Technology is becoming the great equalizer for schools in rural communities. High-speed internet is enabling students to stream classes of every subject and every level, providing them with a tailored education that does not require travel or additional resources. And teachers in remote studios can connect with students from virtually anywhere, enabling students all over to explore nature, science and other fascinating topics far from their classroom.

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29.7 %

of students now take at least one distance education course

From virtual doctor visits to online health records, broadband is reducing costs and improving healthcare in rural America.

Connected Healthcare

In rural communities, access to high-speed internet is reinventing healthcare for millions of people. Where it used to take at least a full day to get to and from a doctor’s office, patients can now have a video-visit with a doctor from the comfort of their own home. Where x-rays would have to be sent off for analysis, delaying treatment up to one week, they can now be transferred and analyzed instantly for immediate treatment. These efficiencies not only save time, they save money for the patient and provider, and most importantly are helping save lives by getting people the care they need faster.

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Over 50 %

of US hospitals have a telemedicine practice

Staying connected to friends and family across distances is even more important when you live hours away from an airport.


Not too long ago, a dial-up connection or spotty satellite signal was the only way for rural Americans to connect to the outside world. But now, robust networks found throughout many rural communities enable consumers all over to connect with family and friends like never before. Being plugged in to the latest world news, social networks, messaging, and video apps is life-changing.

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of rural residents have a home internet connection