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The Spectrum Crunch

Wi-Fi has become the cornerstone of the communications network in America today. Cable has deployed over 200,000 free, public Wi-Fi hotspots for its customers.  More data is carried over Wi-Fi than wireline and cellular combined.  However, this intense growth in Wi-Fi consumer demand threatens to overwhelm existing unlicensed spectrum allocations, an ominous cloud for the […]

WANTED: More Spectrum, More Wi-Fi!

This week’s #broaddata reveals the incredible amount of data carried over Wi-Fi networks every month in America. The total comes to a whopping 12,166 petabytes. That amounts to 2.5 trillion MP3 songs or 2 billion HD movies. In fact, 12,166 petabytes is almost 250 times the amount of data ever written by all humans in […]

What is 802.11ac and Why is it Better for Public Wi-Fi?

In 2012, 1.5 billion Wi-Fi enabled devices were shipped to consumers across the globe. Everything from baby monitors to cameras to TVs and tablets were sold and are now voraciously feeding off of the wireless broadband in our homes, cafes, and even in our public parks. It’s practically ubiquitous now, but the seemingly magical technology […]

100,000 Cable Wi-Fi Hotspots Make the Internet an “Everywhere Experience”

As Cox Communications joins Cablevision, Comcast and Time Warner Cable in offering its customers free Wi-Fi Hotspots (Cox just announcing 769 new Hotspots in Northern Virginia), it occurs to us that cable has officially provided well over 100,000 Wi-Fi locations nationwide. With these outside-the-home locations, cable customers can freely access high-speed Internet on smartphones, tablets, […]