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Talking TV at the Opening Session of the 2012 Cable Show

The 2012 Cable Show kicks off this morning in Boston, and over the next three days, cable will showcase it’s best programming, newest technologies, and the incredible array of ways to consume and interact with content.

At the opening general session, NCTA President Michael Powell spoke of TV as “the original social medium” – with family and friends gathering to laugh, cry, and cheer on their favorite teams. Television’s – and broadband’s – place in our lives is indisputable with Americans watching TV more than 147 hours a month, and using the Internet for work and play.

The Cable Show will focus on both the business and the pleasure of cable with sessions discussing business challenges and opportunities, and the exhibit floor teeming with programming and technology vendors and celeb guest appearances.

News from CES 2011

A new year brings another edition of the CEA’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Traditionally, this has been a “gadget” show, but in recent years, the telecom issues such as video delivery, broadband and voice services have played a larger role. A few news stories related to the cable industry have already emerged this […]

The Future of Cable Discussed at Cable Show General Session

Yesterday, former FCC Chairman Michael Powell led Marc Andreessen, Time Warner’s Jeffrey Bewkes, CBS’ Leslie Moonves, Comcast’s Brian Roberts, and Fox Filmed Entertainment’s Tom Rothman through a wide ranging, free flowing, and spirited discussion of the future of content at The Cable Show’s second general session. To start the conversation, Powell asked Brian Roberts if […]

Big Boost for Online Viewing

Time Warner and Comcast held a press briefing this morning to provide some details about the much anticipated “TV Everywhere” project that Time Warner Chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes has been discussing for a few months including during a panel at The Cable Show back in early April.  Joining Bewkes for today’s briefing was Comcast […]

Consumption-Based Billing and The Princess Bride

One of my favorite movies is The Princess Bride. Remember when the character Vizzini, played by Wallace Shawn, notes the two classic blunders — one of which is never get involved in a land war in Asia and the other, never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line? There’s probably a […]

On Testing Consumption-Based Pricing Models

So, my friends at Free Press recently announced a petition to gather signatures to call on Congress to “investigate” plans by Time Warner Cable to conduct trials in four U.S. cities to test customer response to “consumption-based” billing for its high-speed Internet access service. Great. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been and continue to […]

More on Time Warner and LIN TV

Following up on yesterday’s post about retransmission consent negotiations between Time Warner Cable and broadcaster LIN TV, there are a few additional details. Some blogs had interesting reactions, such as CrunchGear and VideoNuze.  Since I’m not a sports fan, I neglected to note that this past weekend’s football games focused a spotlight on this issue.  […]

LIN TV and the impact of retransmission consent

If you live in one of certain key markets – such as Green Bay, WI; Buffalo, NY; Indianapolis, IN; Dayton, OH; Austin, TX; Toledo, OH; Springfield, MA; Fort Wayne, IN; Mobile, AL; Terra Haute, IN; or Columbus, OH – you may have a keener interest in the issue of retransmission consent than other readers of […]