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“Digital Enthusiasts” Redefining What It Means to Watch TV

Today’s TV viewers want choices. Just like today’s consumers demand customized experiences when it comes to how they get their news, spend their money, or interact with others, we expect to be able to watch our favorite shows or news programs in the medium that we choose, depending on the time of day, our moods, […]

The Internet of Things Is More Than Just Gadgets

Today, the Internet is primarily a network of computers. We use these computers when we need to communicate with each other, learn something new, or entertain ourselves. But one day the Internet will be more than that – it’ll be a network of things that talk to each other, with us, and with the world. We’ll be […]

What is 802.11ac and Why Do We Need to Protect Wi-Fi for It?

It’s expected that by 2020, the world will have 50 billion Wi-Fi enabled devices. Everything from baby monitors and tablets to things we can’t even imagine today will be voraciously feeding off of the wireless broadband in our homes, cafes, and even in our public parks. It’s practically ubiquitous now, but the seemingly magical technology […]

Anatomy of a Botnet

The Washington Post’s recent series “Net of Insecurity” brings up the apparent, almost unavoidable reality of security risks on the Internet. While hackers, viruses, and scams are a near-inevitable byproduct of an open Internet, there are things your ISP is doing to prevent some of the most dangerous cyber attacks. Take a botnet for example. A […]

How Spectrum Sharing Will Lead to Better Wi-Fi

Hardly 15 years old, Wi-Fi technology has become the connective tissue binding our digital lifestyles. It was developed from the scrap heap of wireless spectrum to become one of the most critical technologies of our day. In fact, Wi-Fi carries more data than any other medium – more than 12,000 petabytes per month. The cable […]

How Set Top Boxes Have Become Greener Than Ever

In today’s hyper competitive pay TV marketplace, cable, satellite and telco TV providers are in a constant state of innovation, working hard for their spot in the connected home.  These companies know that a big part of remaining a welcome part of entertainment centers is to be energy efficient. That’s why the voluntary energy conservation agreement […]

As Entertainment Goes Up, Energy Usage Goes Down

In spite of watching nearly nine hours of television every day, new reports show American home entertainment energy usage is dropping. How is this possible? First, after the new voluntary set-top box energy conservation agreement among video providers was solidified about a year ago, 85 percent of new set top boxes being purchased meet Energy Star […]