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The TV Binge to End All TV Binges

Starting on March 25th and ending seven glorious days later on March 31st, I may try to watch more consecutive hours of television than most people watch in a month. Why?  Because my local cable provider, Comcast is hosting Watchathon Week – a seven-day video on demand bonanza offering Xfinity customers over 3,500 TV episodes […]

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished – Washington Advocacy Run Amok

Recently, my son, who will attend college in the fall to study computer science, called me down to his basement lair to show me the new interface offered by the Xbox console. Using Kinect, he was able to both speak to the Xbox and use hand gestures to navigate content.  It was fun, hip and […]

Day Three General Session – More Thoughts on Next Generation Xfinity TV

Amid all that has been written about Brian Roberts buttoned-down and tight-as-a-drum demo of Comcast’s new Next Generation Xfinity TV, I offer these few additional observations. Once again, Roberts have proven to be a surprisingly effective pitchman and presenter, particularly on camera, and seems to be comfortable in that role in a way many CEOs simply […]

Cable Makes Big News At CES

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xgecD4Z4pE] Here’s our major takeaway from January’s Consumer Electronics Show:  Cable + Internet Connected Devices = Revolutionary Stuff. It was impossible to come away from CES without feeling that something seriously exciting is going on around the blending of cable video service with a new breed of video-capable Internet-connected devices. In case you missed it, […]

News from CES 2011

A new year brings another edition of the CEA’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Traditionally, this has been a “gadget” show, but in recent years, the telecom issues such as video delivery, broadband and voice services have played a larger role. A few news stories related to the cable industry have already emerged this […]

The Big Buzz: Xfinity Remote

The buzz of the day on Wednesday was the video below that Comcast’s Brian Roberts showed during today’s General Session. Watch and be amazed. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLz72XErN8U] You can read more about this product at the Comcast Voices blog.