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Behind The Numbers: VOD Can Cure FOMO

Despite a few cable networks shaking up the traditional TV schedule by airing a new series, it’s fair to say that the TV business typically slows during the summer. Hit shows take a break in preparation for the fall season while some networks experiment with new programming ideas. In a way, this is perfect because with so […]

The TV Binge to End All TV Binges

Starting on March 25th and ending seven glorious days later on March 31st, I may try to watch more consecutive hours of television than most people watch in a month. Why?  Because my local cable provider, Comcast is hosting Watchathon Week – a seven-day video on demand bonanza offering Xfinity customers over 3,500 TV episodes […]

Bringing You The Cable Show On Demand

Need to rewatch a General Session or a segment from Imagine Park? Don’t fret, we have video ready for you to view. Please note that we are in the process of adding all of the Imagine Park segments. All videos will be posted by early next week.

Movies on Demand: It Makes A Lot Of Sense

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sURBK9YZerk] This video on the partnership between MSOs and programmers brought us Movies on Demand was shown during The Cable Show 2010 General Session – Storytelling 3.0: Audiences, Creators, Content & Connection.  The video of the Storytelling 3.0  is available for streamed viewing.

Video: whenever, wherever

The panel “Now Entering VOD-Ville: New Dimensions for Anytime Video” was jam-packed, perhaps reflecting the interest in the new on-demand world. Matt Stump moderated with Stephen Burke (Comcast Corporation), Jeff Gaspin (Universal Television Group), Landel Hobbs (Time Warner Cable), Tom Rutledge (Cablevision Systems Corporation), and David Zaslav (Discovery Communications). There was a fair amount of […]

Martha Does VOD

A pretty hilarious moment (for me anyway) occurred on today’s edition of the syndicated television program Martha. During the last segment of today’s show, host Martha Stewart had her guest Sheraton Kalouria, the president of broadcasting for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, demonstrate how to use Video on Demand. (If you’re somehow unfamiliar with VOD, read […]

CAB puts focus on VOD advertising

“Advertising” and “on demand” seem to be tied at the semantic hip here, as momentum builds for new systems and approaches designed to weave advertising support into cable’s growing video-on-demand business. Panel sessions organized by the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau included frequent references to on-demand advertising, even when they weren’t ostensibly devoted to the subject. A […]

A sampling of coverage in the cable trades

CableNET Glimpses the Future – for the 15th Time – a preview of the annual technology showcase that began back in 1993 at the old Western Show NCTA’s Unflappable Eye of the Hurricane – a profile of Barbara York, NCTA’s senior Vice President of Industry Affairs and organizer of The Cable Show The Industry’s Convergence, […]