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A Bit about the Box

In the early days, cable television didn’t use set-top boxes, since only over-the-air broadcast channels were being carried. With the advent of cable programming, which was transmitted on midband frequencies, came the initial wave of basic converter boxes that were necessary to convert the cable feed to an analog RF signal so it could be […]

CableNET 2009 Announces Participants & Demos

The telecommunications technology future, presented in the present. CableNET, run in partnership with CableLabs® is a showcase found on The Cable Show ’09 Floor for content and services that cable customers may see and experience in the near future. CableNET 2009 participants and their demonstrations: Amdocs will demonstrate how a cable customer can self activate […]

Retail tru2way Hits the Marketplace

Exciting news: Comcast and Panasonic announced today the first retail deployment of tru2way. Specifically, the two companies announced the arrival of the first tru2way VIERA HDTVs at retail outlets in Chicago and Denver and officially declared the tru2way platform active in those two markets. What this means is that you can buy a tru2way TV […]

Clearing the air on CableCARDs & tru2way

There have been quite a few announcements in recent months about cable’s progress towards deploying tru2way, but unfortunately, there continues to be some confusion in the blogosphere about the future of CableCARDs and exactly how tru2way devices will work. For example, I see tru2way described as “CableCARD 2.0,” which is cute but not technically correct. […]

“Cable’s Broadband Platform: Innovation for the Consumer”

NCTA President & CEO Kyle McSlarrow will participate in a National Press Club “Newsmaker” Media Briefing today at noon (ET). In his address, entitled “Cable’s Broadband Platform: Innovation for the Consumer,” he is expected to challenge the notion that there is a rivalry between innovation taking place at the edge of or in the network. […]

tru2way at CableNET

During our recent conference, The Cable Show, I took a camera over to CableNET, a technology exhibit that’s been held for 16 years. Its goal has always been to show “…next-generation broadband technologies and services that cable operators are expected to deliver to consumers in the near term.” I wanted to capture something about tru2way, […]

VIDEO: tru2way at CableNET

When I was at The Cable Show last week, I dropped by the CableNET exhibit and shot this video on tru2way. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6skGydhG2g]

Sony & Cable Craft Two-Way Agreement

Earlier today, we issued the announcement: Sony Electronics and Major U.S. Cable Operators Negotiate National “Two-Way” Plug and Play Solution. Here’s some of the coverage: Sony Embraces tru2way Sony, Cable Bury Two-Way Hatchet Sony signs up to support tru2way Sony to Build ‘Tru2way’ Interactive TVs Sony + Tru2way = No More Set-top Boxes? Sony commits […]

The TV of Tomorrow Show on The Cable Show

Tracy Swedlow‘s Internet radio program TV of Tomorrow Show had a panel on this week to review events from The Cable Show. The panel was made up of: Steve Borelli, VP of Marketing & Business Development at Integra5 Industry analyst, Leslie Ellis (author of the popular Multichannel News column, “Translation Please”) Will Kreth, Director of […]

Photos from The Cable Show

Light Reading updated their Cable Show Photos yesterday. They have some interesting pics from the show floor. Don’t forget about the CableCares photo stream on Flickr and make sure to upload some of your own pics of CableCares with the tag, “cablecares”. You can also subscribe to the public “cablecares” stream so you can get […]