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Free Press Didn’t Invent the Internet – But They Do Want to Re-Define It

May 7, 2010

Yesterday, FCC Chairman Genachowski announced his intent to launch a proceeding exploring a new regulatory framework for broadband services.  Since then, there’s been lots of commentary from industry (including our own statement here), Wall Street analysts, and pro-regulation advocates. Amidst all the storm and fury, I want to highlight an important passage in Chairman Genachowski’s…

NCTA Reponse to the FCC's “Third Way” Broadband Framework

May 6, 2010

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said today that the FCC would start using a “third way” framework in order to regulate broadband. You can find a PDF of The Third Way: A Narrowly Tailored Broadband Framework online. It’s also helpful to read this statement from General Counsel Austin Schlick. We’ve just released a statement from NCTA…