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Free Press Didn’t Invent the Internet – But They Do Want to Re-Define It

Yesterday, FCC Chairman Genachowski announced his intent to launch a proceeding exploring a new regulatory framework for broadband services.  Since then, there’s been lots of commentary from industry (including our own statement here), Wall Street analysts, and pro-regulation advocates. Amidst all the storm and fury, I want to highlight an important passage in Chairman Genachowski’s […]

NCTA Reponse to the FCC's “Third Way” Broadband Framework

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said today that the FCC would start using a “third way” framework in order to regulate broadband. You can find a PDF of The Third Way: A Narrowly Tailored Broadband Framework online. It’s also helpful to read this statement from General Counsel Austin Schlick. We’ve just released a statement from NCTA […]