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Good News on Broadband Speeds

Earlier this month, Ookla, the company responsible for Speedtest.net (one of the two online speed tests available on the FCC’s website Broadband.gov), started publishing a “Household Promise Index” that is designed to measure the gap between actual and advertised “up to” broadband speeds.  The results?  On average, Ookla reports that U.S. consumers are receiving roughly […]

Consumers Note Broadband Satisfaction

While the enormous growth and progress of U.S. broadband over the last decade continues to be under-appreciated by some in Washington, real consumers who use the service everyday continue to express their satisfaction with their service. The latest data comes via a report from Leichtman Research Group, finding that, “71% of US broadband Internet subscribers […]

Measuring the Speed of Value

On Tuesday, the FCC announced the results of a survey, showing that “four out of five home broadband users say they do not know the speed of their home internet connection.” This received a lot of coverage (see this Ars Technica post), but lost in all the hubbub were the findings on consumer satisfaction: 91% […]