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Are We Nearing the End of the Couch Potato Era?

I love television. Coming home, flopping on the sofa and getting into a few episodes of True Detective feels really good. And being in the midst of the oft-discussed Golden Age of Television means there’s never a shortage of great stuff to watch. But thanks to smart technology, near ubiquitous Wi-Fi, and social networking apps, what […]

What’s Your Cable TV Alter Ego?

When it comes to watching TV, I am definitely “The Multi-Tasker.” I can’t live without my iPhone while watching TV. I’m either reading the Twitter conversation while watching Breaking Bad, Google-ing the “millionaires” on Millionaire Matchmaker (and realizing they aren’t really millionaires), or seeing what my Facebook friends say during my college football team’s game. […]

March Madness is Everywhere (even your smartphone)!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! March Madness is arguably the single most fan-centric, participatory, interactive, and multiple-screen-encouraging sports event out there. Through a partnership between CBS and Turner’s TNT, TBS, and TruTV, fans have access to all 67 games of NCAA March Madness 2013. The best part is, they can watch on […]

TVs and iPads are like Peanut Butter and Jelly

Second screens are taking over our living rooms, changing our TV experience, and revolutionizing how we engage with content. So this week’s #broaddata jumps into the numbers and checks to see if there’s any serious statistical support for these new TV viewing trends. Are TVs and iPads really a perfect pair?

Breaking News: iPad Awesome

Canalys reported last week that over 1/3 of all PCs delivered in 2012 were Tablet computers. Of those, about half were Apple tablets – either an iPad or an iPad mini. Let that sink in for a moment. From a market and business perspective, this is staggering. But more importantly (and far more interestingly) this is […]